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The whole reason why...

Tucked away in the Mendip Hills is the picturesque village of Oakhill, Somerset, England, stood a brewery that would leave an indelible mark on the brewing industry. Founded in 1761 by John Billingsley, Oakhill Brewery quickly gained renown for its remarkable stout, a beverage that captivated the taste buds of discerning connoisseurs across the nation.

The brewery's success was undoubtedly intertwined with the exceptional spring water that flowed from the heart of the Mendip Hills. This pristine water, untouched by the harsh realities of industrialization, imparted a unique character to the brewery's creations, particularly its renowned stout. The water's inherent purity and balance of minerals provided the perfect foundation for brewing a stout that was both robust and refreshingly smooth.

Oakhill Brewery early 20th Century

Under the stewardship of the Billingsley family, Oakhill Brewery flourished for over a century, becoming a cornerstone of the local community and a respected name in the brewing world. The brewery's stout, renowned for its rich, dark colour, powerful aroma, and lingering bitterness, became a favourite among pubs, taverns, and discerning individuals seeking a truly exceptional stout experience.

Oakhill Brewery Poster
Oakhill Stout Poster
Oakhill Stout Label

In 1924, a devastating fire swept through the brewery, leaving it in ruins. Despite this setback, the legacy of Oakhill Brewery lived on, with the brewery's assets acquired by Courage Brewery. While brewing ceased at Oakhill, the memory of the exceptional stout remained, a testament to the unique synergy between the brewery's craftsmanship and the pristine waters of the Mendip Hills.

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